Apex Point House (Tasmania)

Exploring geometrical forms derived from nearby geological structures - the Apex Point House is a bushfire resilient, explosed steel frame structure that faces into the prevailing southerly winds on the Tasman Peninsula.

A wind-protected courtyard is formed on the leeward side of the house through careful siting adjacent ancient Eucalyptus amygdalina.

The plan configuration subtely reorients the body's gaze (and stance) as one moves through the pavilions, thereby capturing the myriad views both outward - to Bruny Island and the antarctic horizons beyond - and inward to the biodiverse understorey lapping at the perimetre of the structure.

Located on the Tasman Penisula, the site presents extraordinary views across Storm Bay. With expansive south facing glazing the house achieves energy compliance via a performance-based approach which incorporates and on-site renewable energy system.