Ian Weir Research Architect

Ian Weir research architect was formed as a studio practice in 2004 and is based in Brisbane (at QUT) and Bremer Bay, on the remote south coast of Western Australia. The practice is driven by a shared passion for the botanically rich and bushfire prone landscapes of the Great Southern region of WA, with particular interest in the ‘Kwongkan’ heathlands of the Fitzgerald Bioregion. It is here that we collaborate with individuals and organisations from the fields of landscape ecology, botany, bushfire science, land surveying, landscape architecture and art practice – all seeking a shared aim to expand understandings of this remarkable landscape.

This diverse collaboration is conducted via a multi-modal approach wherein art practice, cartography and architectural intervention are employed to address a significant problem which is beyond the scope of conventional modes of practice: the reconciliation of biodiversity and bushfire with human habitation. We believe that developing an enduring response to habitation of our ecosystems is dependent as much upon good design as it is on good science.